Information Security Services

Almost 3/4th of the World Population is on the web now. The Word Cyber Security is now not just the talk of the town but the need of the day. Everything has its own pros and cons. The Internet is no exception. It brings the world to your fingertips in a second but has its own threats. These can be prevented by suitable measures provided we pay attention to it.

Social Media is meant to meet new people and learn new things that may help you grow. Why constrain yourself for the fear of cyber threat? Proper training and Awareness programs will help in facing the threats and prevent them.

But what is this cyber security awareness in the first place ?

Bringing everyone together in an organization and giving them a session on cyber security is what happens everywhere. IS it worthwhile? Should the content be same for people of all ages and of all professions? The answer is a definite no.

The cyber security awareness program should be customized for all age groups according to their usage and need.

Every Organization should have a Cyber security policy in place. They should put in all measures to make sure the policy is not violated. It should be one of their goals to keep the Policy in check. It should help them in tackling the threat from outside and keep them safe in the product front. Also if the policy is duly followed, it will help them in keeping their reputation from stake. Cyber threat free organization or an institution is now the major form of a Reputation Management. This makes them responsible Employers or Leaders.

We, JeV!ncy , in a Partnership with secuRight provides all the Information security services as a package.

We help Organizations and Educational Institutions come up with a Security Policy that will be in par with their services. We also help them in equipping themselves to bring the policy to order. We also offer the following services:

  • Vulnerability Assesment and Penetration Testing
  • Data Migration and Data Protection
  • Cloud Compliance Assesment
  • Managed Security Services
  • Digital Risk Monitoring & Brand Protection
  • IT Security Operation Services
  • Security Consulting Services
  • Cyber Security Awareness & Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training is done in phases at all places. For instance, for an organization, we have separate training sessions for Staff, Sub staff, Managers and finally the Directors. Each have its own weight age in handling the security of the company. The content will be based on the nature of data each employee will be handling in the company.

The Cyber security Awareness Training Program of a school comes in three phases. The students part will be an awareness on how to control settings for each app they use in general and how to face a cyber abuse or bullying and their first course of action.

The Teachers and Parents part is full of monitoring. It helps them in analyzing the ways they are kept in the dark (like they are clueless after a history of browsing is deleted) and bring the victims to light. They being the beacons of light to the future generation bear more responsibility in preventing the Cyber threats. They need more technical content than just ways of intrusion of cyber threats.

The Management of a School needs even more detailing to handle the cyber threats. They need to have a proper cyber policy and ways to check if it is in place. They may need to know all the legal parts of the cyber security too.

Every Service of the Information Security Services at JeV!ncy is customized according the size and the need of the Organization.

We also have Panarome , An intelligent smart location tracking device, which leverages Secure IoT Cloud Platform to track a Person globally anywhere.

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